about me

25 years / Skopje / Software Engineer @ CodeChem

Software engineer with a passion for continuous self-development. Skilled in different tech stacks and can fulfill different roles in a project like mobile engineering, web engineering and dev/ops. Fast lerner, critical thinker and a team player with an iron will to learn and be part of all phases of a project development. My hobbies include learning new languages (not just programming languages) and mathematics. My motto is: "Jack of all trades, master of one"

my services


Every project starts with an idea that needs to be properly defined in order to start the development process. It is important to set clear goals about the upcoming product and generate a list of requirements/user-stories that will guide the development process.


Using only bleeding edge technologies and following the best practices and recommendations for programming, guarantees that the end product will have a longer lifespan and will be less error prone.


Choosing the best infrastructure to set up your product in order to have high availability on the client side and making sure that the information the client enters and receives is properly secured.


Monitoring the activity that goes on in your application can help you connect more with your users and meet their requirements, and also analyzing the code that has been pushed to production with different tools guarantees that there are no common pitfalls